Plastic Tanks QLD Guarantee to repair or replace (at our option), any defect or fault in our water tank products caused by our own manufacturing will be taken under consideration in relation to type of tank and its intended use.

1. The Guarantee is granted to the original purchaser and is transferable to any heirs or successors in title thereof. PLEASE NOTE - The Guarantee will become null and void if the tank is relocated from the original property unless the tank is relocated by Plastic Tanks QLD. This is to prevent possible damage from transportation and/or handling in an incorrect manner. Standard base requirements are still necessary for the new tank site. A charge will apply for this service.

2. The Guarantee period for water tanks commences from the date of purchase.

3. The Guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of the tank only. This is at Plastic Tanks QLD sole discretion.

4. The manufacturer will not be liable for any consequential losses including loss of profits or damage to property.

5. The Guarantee does not apply to the tank colour which may in time fade or change. Further, the strainer, outlet, valve and overflow are guaranteed for 12 months only. .

6. The Guarantee is void and will not be binding upon the manufacturer in the event of abuse, improper installation, unsound base, or unauthorised modifications to the tank. Please note: Follow carefully the installation instructions and in particular note that each tank must have 300 mm (12") flexible hose fitted.

7. The manufacturer must be notified of any defect or fault within seven (7) days of it occurring and given the opportunity to inspect the tank within twenty-eight (28) days of such notification, OTHERWISE THE GUARANTEE IS VOID..

8. Tanks purchased for the purpose of water storage are restricted to that purpose only. Storage of any other materials in the tank will void this guarantee. (Tank is not designed to be a transporter).

9. The guarantee is void and will not be binding upon Plastic Tanks QLD in the event of damage to unsecured tanks through blowing away; or by abuse, improper installation, unsound base, or unauthorised modifications to the tank. Note that all installation instructions must be followed and in particular the fitting of flexible hose.

Please note that the tanks have not been designed to support any externally applied live load to the roof of the tank. NO WALKING OR WEIGHT ON ROOF. This includes using the roof of the tank for access or a surface for stacked materials and/or equipment. Non compliance with either of these requirements will void product warranty.


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